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Catherine “Katie” Skurja

Founder of Imago Dei Ministeries
PAradox Lost, identity in christ, the shack book ask wm paul young is it real

"Our identity crisis cannot be resolved without accepting the truth that we are created in the image of God. This is true of every person, from the first man and woman to all of us today. No one has ever been created in the image of anything else." - Catherine Skurja, Paradox Lost

Katie Skurja founded Imago Dei Ministeries and is an accomplished writer. Her book, Paradox Lost: Uncovering Your True Identity in Christ uncovers the believer’s true identity in Christ and peels away misconceptions of the nature and character of the truine God. She holds a Masters in Marriage and Fmaily Therapy from George Fox University as well as a Certificate of Spiritual Formation from George Fox Evangelical Seminary.

The questions Katie faced early on in her life created a passion to help people discover genuine hope and freedom that truly transforms their daily lives. She has dedicated her teaching and ministry career to this pursuit.


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